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Development Process

Rapid deployments
We release our main web application multiple times per day; our automated deployments only take one click to take a change from CI to staging to production. Deploying frequently is an engineering team superpower that we take full advantage of: it reduces risk by spreading changes out over time and allows our team to get their code out delivering value as fast as possible.
We hate repetitive, error-prone work in our development processes. We invest heavily in automating and abstracting as much as possible, which gives each engineer more and more leverage the more we grow. At Tegus, engineering teams get more productive over time, not less.
Ubiquitous automation
High quality automated tests are the key to confidently making changes at the speed we’re shooting for. We continuously invest in our test suites and are experts and finding the right way to exercise new changes.  
Intensive testing


As engineers, we know that good tool selection has a huge impact on what a team can get done. We believe in choosing boring technology whenever possible; we seek to maximize our leverage by using a small, carefully-chosen set of tools that are easy to learn and productive at scale.

The shared backend for our applications is written in Ruby on Rails. For nearly 17 years Rails has been a fantastic framework for happy and productive engineers. We use a particular variant of the “modular monolith” pattern within our application to keep our architecture as clean as possible.
Ruby on Rails
The Tegus product involves ingesting 3rd party datasets - company data, SEC filings, earnings calls, etc. Python is great for data processing and manipulation and a good foundation for the machine learning that we expect to be coming soon.
Our web frontend applications are written entirely in Vue and Typescript. We find the simple, batteries-included approach of Vue gives us a ton of power when building new features, and Typescript helps us catch errors well before they’re visible to our customers.
Vue on Typescript
We use GraphQL across all of our APIs for two reasons. First, the flexibility of GraphQL allows many new features to be prototyped without any backend changes at all. Second, GraphQL gives us a machine-readable API schema definition, which we use to automate many parts of our development workflow.
We’re hosted at AWS and take advantage of their amazing technologies so we don’t have to re-invent what they have built for us.
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